Snap-In Shoe Plate with Adaption Hardware



Features / Attributes:

Snap-In Shoe Plate Angle: The plate is angled to give optimum connection during both the catch and the drive.

Low Weight: The weight of the Shoe Plate with hardware is only: 254 grams.

The Latest Shoes Offered: There are several models of On-Cloud shoes that we now offer with our Snap-In Shoe mechanism: The “Cloud” (lightest weight) and several other models at different price points. The On-Cloud shoes are between 5.9 to 9.5 oz. (size 7 women’s) or 7 to 11.1 oz. (size 8.5 men’s), while the K-Swiss are 10 oz. (size 6 women’s) and 13 oz. in weight (size 8.5 men’s). The On-Cloud shoes vary in stiffness and cushion and are lighter in weight. The latest model: The “Cloudventure Waterproof” provides extra grip soles, moisture protection, and is lightweight.

Ordering Procedure: First we must make sure that our new shoe plate is compatible with your foot stretcher. We will need information on your boat model and the hole spacing of your present foot stretcher frame and to know your existing foot stretcher to see if we can make the shoe plate work.

Then, if we determine that the Snap-In Shoe Plate is compatible with your boat, then you would purchase a pair of shoes online. The following are the manufacturer’s websites for the options that we think most people will like: On-Cloud Shoes. You also purchase them from major shoe re-sellers.

Other Items Included in the Price:

  • Quick Release Tie-downs and Snaps;
  • Shoe Adaption Hardware, Installed.

Durham Boat Co. can provide the installation of the adaption hardware onto the On-Cloud shoes, and the shoes onto the Snap-In Shoe Plate.  The exact model, size and color of the On-Cloud Shoes selected by the customer should be sent to Durham Boat Company for installation. Check out the full selection of On Cloud shoes here. All but the most recent model can also be purchased at

Measurements may be required to assure proper fit onto the foot stretcher frame.

The shoe models that are compatible are the following:

  • The Cloudventure Waterproof
  • The Cloudventure
  • The Cloudcruiser
  • The Cloudflyer
  • The Cloudsurfer
  • The Cloudracer
  • The Cloud

Other shoes that work are the K-Swiss Tubes Run 100 or by their new name X160 CMF.