A History Of Carbon Innovation

Durham Boat Company has been at the forefront of development for carbon fiber parts. Our quality, durability, and performance have led us to be a leading provider for many of the most well-respected brands.


Dreher has been designing and manufacturing carbon fiber riggers for over three decades.  Our innovative designs have been used on the hulls of many leading boat builders worldwide. Our two currently available designs are the Carbon Tubular Rigger and our latest Hollow Wing Rigger. Both of the designs add stiffness and responsiveness to racing hulls while reducing overall weight. Our riggers can be custom adapted and fit to almost all hulls.


Dreher carbon seats are known for quality, comfort, and performance. As such, Dreher is the largest manufacturer and supplier of carbon rowing seat tops to OEM boat builders. We make complete seats, seat tops, or set components for at least nine boat builders worldwide (USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and the UK). Many others purchase the time-tested Dreher wheels that we assemble in-house. Dreher wheels are long lasting, even under the most extreme conditions. Our wheels contain premium stainless steel bearings that are designed and made with the maximum ability to resist the corrosion of rowing in saltwater.

Foot Stretchers

Dreher is the leading designer and manufacturer of foot stretchers worldwide, supplying the broadest range of configurations. Dreher foot stretchers are not only lightweight but affordable and able to fit in a wide range of different boats. Our designers have the knowledge to find the correct foot stretcher solution and the functionality that meets your needs. Whether you are an OEM boat manufacturer or an individual boat owner that needs a replacement foot stretcher, we have the foot stretcher for you.

Fins & Rudders

Durham Boat Company has been developing and manufacturing Dreher Fin and Rudder systems for hulls since our incorporation. It is our belief that Fins and Rudders are often one of the most overlooked parts on a racing hull, but also one of the most important. Our examination of fluid-dynamics and hull performance has led us to develop innovative lightweight carbon fiber Fins and Rudders that have been used on many world-class racing hulls and are sold to some of our OEM boat manufacturers.

Additional Carbon Parts Information