F5 Foot Stretcher



F5 Dreher Carbon Twill Foot Stretcher:

The F5 Foot Stretcher is light, stiff and can be used with or without a foot plate.  Shoes can be mounted directly to the frame or fitted on the Football Foot Plate (which attaches from the front) for greater ease and speed of adjustment. Originally made for Resolute, the F5 is also used on BBG, Stampfli/Janousek and Dreher Rec-Racer boats.  

The F5 Foot Stretcher (24 cm at the widest and 30 cm long) comes with a carbon cross bar (2.5 cm diameter x 40 cm length, cut to order), a football foot plate, a carbon keel slide, and some hardware (carriage bolts, double t-bolt, nuts, tiedowns).

Not Included (click on hyperlinks below to purchase):

  • Attachment Fittings – available in two styles (circle wedges and tube ends) and two surface types (sharp tooth and large tooth). You will need two for each foot stretcher (for the cross bar). See Foot Stretcher Fittings
  • Foot Stretcher Tracks – available in two surface types (sharp tooth and large tooth). You will need three for each foot stretcher (unless already in the boat). See Foot Stretcher Long Pieces
  • Foot Stretcher “T” bolts – M6 x 35 recommended for tube ends, M6 x 55 for circle wedges. You will need three for each foot stretcher. See T-Bolts for Foot Stretcher
  • Foot Stretcher Hardware – stainless steel wing nuts, plastic wing nuts, and cylindrical wing nuts (recommended for the keel t-bolt).  You will need 3 for each foot stretcher.  See Foot Stretcher Attachment Hardware
  • Shoes – sizes from 6 to 14.  See Standard Black Rowing Shoe

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F5 Foot Stretcher

Frame, no Shoes or Plate, with Keel-Slide, Frame, Ft. Ball Plate, with Keel-Slide