Stern or Bow Light Mounting Fixture



Stern or Bow Light Mounting Fixture:

Custom-made ‘Nite-Row-Lite’ mounting fixture for stern or bow. Durable carbon fiber and plastic fixture comes with velcro/tape for easy mounting and removal.

The Stern Nite-Row-Lites can be mounted in two ways; (A) The light is placed directly in the top of the stern mounted fixture so that the illuminated rubber head sticks out the top, and/or (B) mounted on the side of the of the stern mount so that the light faces directly to the stern.

The bow mount is just like the stern mount and can be used for mounting the red and green lights facing at 45 degrees from the center line of the boat. In lieu of the bow mount one might mount the lights on the riggers or oars. That strategy works well with a longer boat like an eight. They can also be installed on wing riggers with adjustable cable ties that may need to be purchased from the hardware store.