Where are Dreher Oars Made?

All oars and other Dreher carbon rigging parts (seats, foot stretchers, riggers, fins) are designed, and produced in our factory at the Durham Boat Company in Durham, NH, which has been in operation since 1982.  We ship these products all over the World. For more information see the Click This Link.

What are your office hours? 

Our office hours are Monday through Thursday 9:00am –6:00pm Eastern Standard Time and on Fridays from 9:00am – 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time and by appointment on weekends and Holidays


What is High Modulus Carbon and what are the benefits?

High Modulus carbon has a higher stiffness to weight ratio allowing us to create the lightest weight oars available.  High Modulus Carbon is used in conjunction with twill on the outside to also give it a richer look. Both the twill and high modulus carbon used is expensive and as such it is typically not recommend for club, recreational or entry level junior use. 


What is autoclaving and what are the benefits?

All Dreher oar shafts are cured in an autoclave.  Autoclaves are simply pressurized ovens.  The air pressure pushing on the outside of the shaft makes better compaction of the laminates (layers of carbon fiber).  Better compaction results in superior bonding between the layers.  Superior bonding creates more durable shafts.  Our goal is to produce both high-performing and long-lasting equipment that our customers will be happy with and excited to use for many many years.