Dreher Rec-Racer 1x in Carbon


Rec-Racer Carbon 1X:

The Rec-Racer is an all-carbon recreational shell that is fun to row and very responsive. Light in weight (32-35 lbs), the boat is easy for one person to carry.  Rowing it feels a lot like a premium racing shell, but with the stability of a crew-boat.  It is easy to turn, especially on a river with many tight corners.

Available in one hull displacements:  Standard size (Rec-Racer) for rowers up to 185 lbs and for rowers over 185 lbs (up to 220 lbs in flat conditions).  The length and width, with scullers’ height body proportions to determine the boat attachment height required.

The Rec-Racer comes completely rigged with a hollow wing carbon rigger, a carbon foot stretcher, and a carbon seat at 30 cm track width (the extra width to avoid track bite).

Available foot stretcher options:

Velcro_Ftstr_600x600_300RFoot stretcher with heel-cups and Velcro® attachments for people that wade into the water from a beach.







New in 2021, the Dreher Hex Tubular Foot-Stretcher 17 cm Adjustable Shoe-Plate height adjustment and angle adjustment, heel adjustment, shoe splay adjustment, and fore and aft adjustment. No rowing shoes are included in any boat price because different shoes are at different prices.






Track Versions:


Martinoli black anodized tracks: 33 inches. They include the attachment hardware






Carl Douglas Gray Hard-coat tracks: 34 inches long. They also include the attachment hardware.






Rowing Seats Complete: Options



Medium Width Seat: Too Narrow for the Rec-Racer


Large Width Seat: Perfect Width for the Rec-Racer



Seat Heights: Low, medium< Height and Adjustable (Range: Medium,




For Rigging Specifications or for a Custom Hardware Package please call or order below so that we can provide you with the exact boat that you imagine. Foot stretcher hardware has not been added. If you wish, can order that online. See link: https://www.durhamboat.com/product/seat-supports/



Foot Stretcher Attachment Hardware


Also, we help you out with Rowing Shoe Options and types.


No shipping has been added. This will give you the basic boat price without shipping. Call to determine how best to ship and to receive an estimate. We require a $1,000.00 deposit via credit card or check and the remainder via check including shipping. When you call in to order the boat, we can finalize the options and provide you an estimate on the shipping and follow that up with a quote on the entire purchase including the boat and any related equipment and accessories.


Call for Prices and Options – 603-659-7575, as this product has too many options to sell online!





Additional information

Boat Capacity

From 120 lbs with Low Rigger BAPs to 160 lbs. up to 5' 6", From 160 lb. to 200 lb 6' 4" with High Rigger BAPs.

Foot Stretcher

Wet Launch Ft. Str. Flat Plate, 2021 Hex Tube Ft. Str., Wet Launch Angled Plate, Other

Track Type

Martinoli Black Anodized 33", Carl Douglas 34" Gray Hard Coat

Shoe Type

None, Ankaa Black, New Wave, InCloud, K-Swiss

Seat Height

Variable 2.4 cm to 4.4 cm, High 3.4 cm, Medium 2.4 cm, Low 1.8 cm

Boat Tool Kit

Standard, Premium, Delux

Product Video