F4 Dreher Stiff Twill Foot Stretcher



F4 Dreher Stiff Twill Foot Stretcher:

The F4 foot stretcher comes in three frame sizes (small 4-hole, large 5-hole, large 7-hole) and three foot plate options (flat 15 cm, angled 15 cm or angled 16 cm).

The foot stretcher comes with a keel piece (bow tie) in two sizes (1.0 cm or 1.5 cm), tie-downs, and heel tie-down quick release snaps.

The frame size is based on the vertical depth of keel (distance from the plane of the top foot stretcher long pieces to the keel foot stretcher long piece in cm). We also will need to know the crossbar length (t- bolt to t- bolt in cm). These two pieces of information must be included in the notes section of the foot stretcher order before the order can be filled. If you have questions, please call us (603-659-7575) or email (sales@durhamboat.com) for clarification.

Not included (Click on the hyperlink below to purchase):

  • Attachment Fitting – available in two styles (circle wedges and tube ends) and two surface types (sharp tooth and large tooth). You will need 3 for each foot-stretcher (one needs to be a circle wedge to go on the bow tie at the keel). See Foot Stretcher Fittings
  • Foot Stretcher Tracks – available in two surface types (sharp tooth and large tooth). You will need three for each foot stretcher (unless already in the boat). See Foot Stretcher Long Pieces
  • Foot stretcher “T” bolts – M6 x 35 recommended for tube ends, M6 x 55 for circle wedges. See T-Bolts for Foot Stretcher
  • T Bolt Hardware and Washers – stainless steel wing nut (recommended for tube ends), plastic wing nuts, and cylindrical wing nuts (recommended for the keel t-bolt). You will need a minimum of 3 (perhaps more for spares). See Foot Stretcher Attachment Hardware
  • Shoes – sizes from 6 to 14: Standard Black Rowing Shoe

Please give us a call at 603.659.7575 for guidance on choosing the Foot Stretcher that is right for you!




Additional information

F4 Frame Size

Small 4 hole, Large 5 hole, Large 7 hole

Shoe Plate Angle

Flat, Angled

Shoe Width on Plate

15 cm, 16 cm