World Leader In Manufacturing and Installing Indoor Rowing Tanks

As the leading manufacturer of ESG-compliant athlete-powered indoor rowing tanks, we have been designing, installing, and servicing indoor rowing tanks for 29 years. Because of our unique design, our tank is the closest load simulation to rowing in a boat, while at the same time having the lowest carbon footprint. 
Rowing facilities once used primarily used for off-season rowing, muscle-specific conditioning, and technique training have become full-year training Water Sports Fitness facilities. Instantaneous feedback by using data analytics allows athletes and coaches alike are able to hone a synergistic technique or rowing style that will give your athletes a competitive advantage. 
Presently, we have installed 45 indoor rowing facilities of various sizes (2 to 16 stations) for universities, schools, fitness centers, club rowing/sculling programs, and National Training Centers. The latest tank installed by our European installation team was completed in Estonia in August 2020 and the last US indoor rowing tank was installed in October of 2021. In the last 10 years, we installed 19 tanks including 176 tank stations with 24-stations of force measurement instrumentation. The first commercial tank, 4 pool, 16-station tank installed in 1992 is still going strong at Conn. College in New London, CT.

Durham Rowing Tanks

Enhanced Tank Design

In addition to steady-state, anaerobic-threshold, and transportation workouts can be done in the tank with rates above thirty strokes per minute. The function of most indoor rowing tanks is to instruct novices, providing a platform for demonstrating appropriate technique and steadystate rowing.  However, with our present tank design, athletes can use the tanks for almost all workouts, except for high-intensity 1 min pieces and starts.  Most updates can be readily retrofitted to any of our existing tanks. The Dreher Rowing Tank design exceeds the performance of powered tanks, at a fraction of the cost, while also being the most environmentally friendly indoor rowing tank design!

Component Additions or Replacements

We also provide tank-specific rowing components, additions, or replacements to older tanks to provide the latest functionality of what we currently sell and can refurbish older tanks. Recent tank enhancements allow customers to select from a wide range of configurations and rigging options to achieve greater stroke rate options.

Athlete-Powered Dynamic Tank Design

In the development of the Dreher Indoor Rowing Tank, we closely examined flow technology and loading profiles from both powered and non-mechanically assisted rowing tanks. Our analysis demonstrated that an athlete-powered tank design provides a superior simulation of the force levels and handle velocity experienced in the boat. Powered tanks, on the other hand, have a large mass of water moving that moves at a constant velocity and as a result, prevents the rowers from executing the drive similar to that of the boat. During the drive phase, in the boat, the rower accelerates the handle to the finish due to the boat increasing speed from the catch to finish. Replicating the stroke profile should be a primary concern for an indoor rowing tank. Our next installations are planned for the winter of 2022 in VA and 1st half in TX.

Just as in the boat, in the Dreher “athlete-powered” tank, the rowers are the engine. The better the technique, strength, fitness level, and synergy of the athletes, the higher the achievable stroke rate and efficiency. With the load matched more closely to what is seen in the boat, acceleration to the finish is possible. The water is more responsive to the athletes’ power input, which makes the Dreher Indoor Rowing Tank the only truly dynamic rowing tank from the catch to the finish. Optimizing fluid flow, minimizing total volume, and proportioning outboard lever and blade size, allow our design to only require a fraction of the water volume of other tank designs.