History of the Rec-Racer:

The Durham Boat Company began importing the original Rec-Racer in 1984 and it proved to be a very speedy and popular boat. Initially, we imported the entire boat. Gradually we moved to purchase and install all the hardware, to the point now where we manufacture all the major sub-assemblies that go into making the boat. We manufacture the foot stretchers, seats, and riggers on the top-of-the-line boats as well as install all other hardware and custom rig the boat. In 1994, we changed the design to slightly increase its maximum capacity, while further improving its speed and rowing efficiency. The changes have been very well received. In 1995 and 1996, the boat was used in the Blackburn Challenge. (an approximately 20-mile race around Cape Ann, near Gloucester, MA in open water conditions). In both years, a course record was set, beating all manufacturers of open-water racing shells.

With the addition of our own all-carbon sub-assemblies, we have provided equal or better rigging than one would find on top-line racing singles. Through extensive use of the boats in our sculling school and club, we have received valuable feedback on how best to improve upon equipment design and optimize boat set-up and rigging. We are confident that we have designed the boat so that the rower feels comfortable in the boat, yet still has enough feedback from the boat to not develop bad habits from rowing a boat that is too forgiving.

In 2007, we moved the molds from Europe to Canada and went to a vacuum-infused construction with carbon/core/carbon construction. By 2008 we added a larger size Rec-Racer II to broaden the line. The Rec-Racer II is a large displacement hull, which would best fit heavier rowers (i.e., greater than 185 lbs. and up to 240 lbs. in flat conditions). By 2011 we relocated our Rec-Racer molds to a builder in Maine and by 2021 standardized on one size Rec-Racer.

Rec-Racers are made with an all-carbon construction which creates a boat that is more rigid in construction, yet the lightest in weight and with the best fit and finish on the market today for any entry-level or open-water racing shell. The boat is fun to row and is very responsive. The power transmission is quite good, which results in a very quick shell. It feels a lot like a top-end racing shell, but with the stability of a crew-boat. It is easy to turn, especially on a river with many tight turns. One of the best features is that it is easily carried by one person, because of its low weight.

You will see links to the shoes compatible with the shoe plate. You would order your shoe size and style and then have them shipped to us to be modified to fit with your new shoe plate and then installed in your new boat. In 2021, we started offering the 2021 Hex Foot Stretcher.

In 2015, we began offering the hollow wing rigger to replace the heavier foam core wing rigger. This is the most significant design change since re-making our molds a few years ago and shifting manufacturing back to the USA.

See Features and Specifications:

Rec-Racer Recreational Shell
Length 22.2 ft.
Width at gunwale outside flange 21.25 inches.
Width at the waterline 16.9 inches.
Weight Rec-Racer: 33-35 lbs. fully rigged.
Hull stiffness Stiff.
Capacity Rec Racer Hull: Standardized on one size in 2021, the larger size hull.
Oarlock adjustment 158 – 163 cm range.
Seat 30 cm single action stainless steel ball-bearing, carbon/composite large twill seat tops with adjustable height seats are standard on all Rec-Racder to accommodate a greater range of rigging options.
Seat Two styles of Tracks are available: Carl Douglas Hard Coat in 34 inches long (best for salt-water or beach launch locations) or Martinoli Black Anodized 32″ inches .
Foot stretcher The 2021 Dreher Hex Foot Stretcher with 5-way adjustable, with rowing shoes or optional Velcro straps and Heel cups with an angled footplate or the “Snap-in-Shoes” with the choice of size, color, and model shoe.
Carbon Wing Rigger
The wing is hollow and lightweight (2.5 lbs.). Depending on one’s torso height and weight and in conjunction with the new adjustable height seat can allow a considerable range of adjustment.
Boat Color White with black trim with a new black all-carbon splash-shied with a newly styled small 3-D printed small drain plug at the peak of the splash shield.
Construction of Hull Multi-layer carbon sandwich construction with a composite felt core, vacuum resin-infused.
Coating Premium, white UV-inhibited gel coat, made for Marine use.

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