A Racing Heritage

Durham Boat Company has been a provider of world-class racing shells since 1982. Our desire to provide state-of-the-art rowing shells for scullers in North America has led us to work with many of the most notable brands.



The Durham Boat Company began importing the original Rec-Racer in 1984 and it proved to be a very speedy and popular boat. Initially, we imported the entire boat. Gradually we moved to purchasing the hull and installing all the hardware. We manufacture the foot stretchers, seats, and riggers as well as install all other hardware and custom rig the boat. In 1994, we changed the design to slightly increase its maximum capacity, while further improving its speed and rowing efficiency. The changes have been very well received. In 1995 and 1996, the boat was used in the Blackburn Challenge (an approximately 20-mile race around Cape Ann, near Gloucester, MA in open water conditions). Both years a course record was set, beating all manufacturers of open water racing shells.

FISA Singles

The FISA hull was developed at the request of FISA, the international governing body, and offered to any boatbuilder in the World to produce for a modest fee. We have recently updated the plug and molds and are having to 2023 version of the FISA 1x manufactured by one of the top boat builders in the US to our specifications. All the carbon rigging components are made in-house and we stock all of the hardware components needed to complete the boat and stock replacement parts in-house.

Stämpfli Racing Boats

As the oldest operating rowing hull manufacture in the world, the story of Stämpfli Racing Boats is a long and prestigious one. Over a century ago in 1896, Johann Friedrich August Stämpfli created the company and brand in Zurich Switzerland. The first hulls produced were fishing boats and sailing yachts, but the company quickly evolved and produced its first rowing racing hull in 1898. After the success of their first rowing hull, Stämpfli continued to forge ahead leading the industry in hull design, materials exploration, and construction.

BBG Racing Shells

Durham Boat Company has been the longstanding North American rep for BBG Racing Shells. In early 2016 BBG reorganized as Bootsmanufaktur Berlin GmbH with new management. We still have large installed base components and can provide spare parts, repair parts, and rigging.