From the beginning, our mission has been simple: help athletes and coaches perform at the optimal by manufacturing and providing the highest performing equipment available. Our goal is to assist consumers in making an informed decision that will support their success. Racing and coaching is our passion and we aim to support and promote the growth of the sport.

Our History

Durham Boat Company, Inc. was formed in March of 1982 in Durham, New Hampshire. We began as coaches and athletes striving to go faster and find that “edge”. We soon found that there were many other athletes and coaches seeking the same goal. Our engineering background and passion for the sport quickly led us to begin designing and manufacturing our own brand of products as well as seeking out the highest performing equipment from other leading manufacturers. The products we supply range from oars, indoor rowing tanks, boats, carbon parts, and more. Our in-house products are known as “Dreher” products.

The Dreher Brand

Since 1988 we have been building a core competency in the area of carbon prepreg manufacturing. Durham Boat Company has made its mark as the manufacturer of the premium Dreher Sweep and Sculling Oars, Dreher Carbon Rigging, and as the Worldwide Leader in Indoor Rowing Tanks. The emphasis has always been on quality and performance coupled with innovative designs and features. We design all of our parts in-house and manufacture them here as well. All of our unique designs are branded as “DREHER”. Our products are internationally recognized and we are a key OEM supplier of carbon components to racing shell manufacturers worldwide.


We are more than just an equipment provider, we are a full-service shop of coaches and engineers. In addition to the world-class products we offer, we also provide facilities, on the water instruction and detailed technical analysis for rowers and scullers of all levels.

Where We Are

Durham Boat Company is located in Durham, New Hampshire. Our factory and showroom are conveniently located on the Lamprey River allowing customers the opportunity to test equipment right out our back door. We are proud to support American manufacturing and rowing in the United States.

Green Manufacturer

In 2011 and 2012 we installed PV on our roof to off-set about 60% of single-phase energy requirements. At the end of September, our power purchase agreement was up for our three-phase energy. We signed a contract to cover all of our remaining three-phase needs with local hydro-electric.

Come visit us at:
Durham Boat Company
220 Newmarket Road
Durham, NH 03824

Phone Number: 603-659-7575

Customer Service or Sales: sales@durhamboat.com

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