Sweep Handle Clamp


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Sweep Handle Clamp Assembly:

To install, remove the old handle clamp from the oar. If the handle bolt became cross-threaded, then the bolt must be cut off with a hack saw. Once all the old pieces and the handle are taken off, remove the hex-bolt and washer from the new handle clamp with a 10 mm wrench. Then place the handle clamp on a paint stick (some people hold it on with a loop of adhesive tape) with the bolt hole facing up and line it up with the bolt hole drilled into the shaft. Carefully hand tighten the bolt with the washer on it until enough threads are engaged so that the handle can be inserted. Line up the handle slot with the center line of the bolt and slowly slide it in to your desired total length setting. Tighten bolt with the 10 mm wrench, but no so tight that the carbon compresses around the washer.

This item includes the sweep handle clamp, the M6x20 bolt and M6 washer. The price listed is for one sweep handle clamp assembly.