Rowing Efficiency Improvements Using Force Measurement Part III

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Introduction: The last two blogs focused first on the Recovery and then on the Drive phases of the stroke cycle. Both use actual boat data-logger force measurement derived data from Impulse (F x t) curves, along with rowing tank real-time impulse and handle speed curves as … Read more

Efficiency Improvements Part II

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On the Drive: In our previous post Efficiency Improvements Part I, we discussed improvements to the Recovery Phase of the stroke to just before the Catch. In this article, we will examine the next phase of the stroke, the Drive. … Read more

Efficiency Improvements Part I

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Introduction: To seek out efficiency improvements in rowing the following article will examine the importance of the release and recovery phase of the rowing stroke. While it seems obvious to say a clean release and smooth recovery are necessary to … Read more

Analyzing The Rowing Movement

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Explanation: A little explanation is in order: This first page is meant to simply and briefly explain the theory and mechanics behind the analyses of the rowing stroke. The following three pages are executive summaries for rowers and coaches again … Read more

Sculling Drills

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by Jim Dreher Forward This essay was reproduced from the archives of Durham Boat Companies essays and manuals on sculling and training. While this piece was originally produced 30+ years ago, the information contained below continues to provide the back-bone … Read more

Front End Pick Drill Review

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There are many drills rowers and scullers can do while training, however of all them nothing compares to the Pick Drill. The Pick Drill is your basic bread and butter drill that every oarsman should have in their repertoire. The Pick Drill can be … Read more