Efficiency Improvements Part I

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Introduction: To seek out efficiency improvements in rowing the following article will examine the importance of the release and recovery phase of the rowing stroke. While it seems obvious to say a clean release and smooth recovery are necessary to … Read more

Sculling Drills

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by Jim Dreher Forward This essay was reproduced from the archives of Durham Boat Companies essays and manuals on sculling and training. While this piece was originally produced 30+ years ago, the information contained below continues to provide the back-bone … Read more

History of Oar Handle Treatment

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History of Sweep and Sculling Oar Handle Surface Treatment: Durham Boat Company developed the first adjustable length sculls in 1991. In 1992 with the introduction of the first adjustable length sweep oars we had to solve the problem of handle … Read more

Front End Pick Drill Review

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There are many drills rowers and scullers can do while training, however of all them nothing compares to the Pick Drill. The Pick Drill is your basic bread and butter drill that every oarsman should have in their repertoire. The Pick Drill can be … Read more

Apex-R Stroke Theory

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 It has been shown in tests that the peak forces generated during the rowing stroke occur during the first third of the stroke just after the catch and are already decreasing by the time the oar shaft is perpendicular to … Read more

The APEX Blade Design

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  Dreher oars and sculls are made by Durham Boat Company, Inc. We are located in the U.S. and have been making carbon oars and sculls as well as seats, footstretchers and riggers since 1989. Most of our oars and … Read more

New Blade Designs

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The paper describes innovations in blade design by Durham Boat Company, Inc. since January of 1999. We have just completed two blade design changes. The Next Generation of blade shapes – The APEX since “New Blade Shapes – Part II” was issued … Read more