Rigging Fundamentals

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“Rigging”: is the term used to describe the determination and subsequent adjustment of the outrigger height, pitch (oarlock face inclination from the vertical), spread or span (distance between the pins in sculling or centerline of the boat to the centerline of … Read more

Rigging Charts – Boat & Oar Setup

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One question we frequently receive is, “how should I set up my boat and oars”. This is one of the most important first, but often overlooked, steps in having a successful row. Setting one’s boat and oars up is very … Read more

Sculling Drills

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by Jim Dreher Forward This essay was reproduced from the archives of Durham Boat Companies essays and manuals on sculling and training. While this piece was originally produced 30+ years ago, the information contained below continues to provide the back-bone … Read more

Henry Palmer Joins Durham Boat Company, Inc.

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Announcement, Durham, NH 03/21/16 We are pleased to announce that Henry Palmer will begin working and Durham Boat Company in Sales and Marketing. In his new position he will target Sweeps, Sculls, and eventually Indoor Rowing Tanks. Henry will assume … Read more