Downing College Indoor Rowing Tank

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We received confirmation of an order for an 8-station sculling/sweep tank during the 2nd week in March and will be initiating a shipment to the UK on May 10th. We are pleased to have received this order and look forward to … Read more

Tank at Molesey Boat Club, UK

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Molesey Boat Club 8-station, sculling / sweep tank installation was completed on December 12, 2015. This tank was twenty years in the works. We had our first face to face meeting with a representative from Molesey in 2006 at the … Read more

Two Tanks Installed in January

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Two Tanks Installed in January and Three Tank Upgrades Completed On November 6, 2015, the St. Lawrence University Athletic Department confirmed the purchase of 16-station sweep only tank, a design first implement for Kansas State University. This will make the … Read more

Tank Components to Arrive in the UK

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Tank Components to Arrive in the UK: The Molesey Boat Club container is scheduled to arrived in late November. Installation is planned for early December. When completed the tank will be an 8-station sculling/sweep similar to those shown above. We … Read more