Henry Palmer Joins Durham Boat Company, Inc.

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Announcement, Durham, NH 03/21/16

We are pleased to announce that Henry Palmer will begin working and Durham Boat Company in Sales and Marketing. In his new position he will target Sweeps, Sculls, and eventually Indoor Rowing Tanks.

Henry will assume the Position of Manager of Sales & Marketing of Rowing Related Product in the USA and UK.  Henry will be based primarily in Boston. His last two positions were VP of Sales & Marketing, Wild Idea Buffalo Company, LLC  from 06/11 until 03/16 and Union Boat Club – Head Rowing Coach from 01/11 through 10/15.

We look forward to having Henry Palmer joining our Team. Please look for him out at the San Diego Crew Classic at the end of March where he will have a set of our Sweeps and racing there in two events.

Henry’s Coaching Accomplishments:

  • Jr. World Rowing Championship, 2015: Men’s Junior Single, 1st Place B-Final;
  • HOCR, 2015: Men’s Club 4+, 1st Place, Men’s Youth Single, 2nd Place; 2014: Men’s Club 4+, 1st Place; 2013: Men’s Club 4+, 1st Place (course record), Men’s Championship Double, 3rd place, Men’s Club 4+, 1st place; 2011: Women’s Championship Single, 5th Place;
  • Henely Royal Regatta, 2014: Thames Challenge Cup (Club 8+), Quarter Finalist; 2013: Britannia Challenge Cup (Club 4+), Finalist;
  • San Diego Crew Classic, 2015: Men’s Masters A, 1st Place; 2013: Women’s Masters A, 1st Place; 2012: Women’s Master’s A, 1st Place;
  • US WRC Trials: 2015: Men’s Junior Single, 1st Place; Men’s U23 4+, 2nd Place; 2013: Men’s Heavyweight Pair, 2nd Place.

Henry’s Rowing Accomplishments:

  • HOCR, 2005: Collegiate 8+, Trinity College, 1st Place; 2004: Collegiate 8+, Trinity College 1st Place;
  • ECAC Regatta, 2006: First Varsity 8+, Trinity College, 2nd Place; 2005: First Varsity 8+, Trinity College, 2nd Place Henley Royal Regatta: 2008: Ladies Challenge Plate, Leander Club, 1st Place; 2007: Thames Challenge Cup, Leander Club, 1st Place; 2006: Ladies Challenge Plate, Leander Club, Finalist; 2005: Temple Challenge Cup, Trinity College, 1st Place;
    British National Championships, 2007: Men’s Pair, Leander Club, 1st Place; Men’s 4+, Leander Club, 1st Place; Men’s 8+, Leander Club, 1st Place;
  • Eights Head of the River, 2008: Leander Club, 1st Place;
  • Great Britain Senior Trials, 2008: Men’s Pair Finalist Olympic Selection;

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  1. Mike Cataldo

    I love the website! Good luck Henry. I want to try those adjustable oars!