Heat Shrink Rubber Grip – Sweep Oars


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Heat Shrink Rubber Grip for Sweep Oars:

Our Rubber Grips for Sweep Oar handles are a fantastic option for all levels of rower.  These grips are hard-wearing, seamless, and have a great tactile feel that also allows athletes to maintain a secure grip on the handle even when wet.  The grips are installed by heat shrinking them to the handle, allowing for a quick, easy, and clean installation.  Whether for new oars, or to retrofit old handle grips, these Rubber Grips are a great option.


Installation Instructions:

Required Tools & Equipment:

  1. Heat Gun
  2. All-Purpose Spray Adhesive – For Example – TechSpray
  3. Electrical Tape
  4. Utility Knife
  5. Paint Pen – Optional

Installation Procedure: 

  1. Remove old previous grip from handle.
  2. Prepare handle surface, make sure the handle is clean and free of dirt and debris from previous grip.
  3. Mark location where you would like the grip to extend to on the handle with either paint pen or piece of tape.
  4. Spray handle with All-Purpose Adhesive applying a thing coat to the entirety of the desired grip surface.
  5. Gently slide new grip onto handle while making an effort to not press the grip down onto the handle until the desired location.
  6. Use Heat-Gun to apply heat and shrink grip onto handle. Work your way from the center of the grip out towards the handle ends in order to reduce chances of any air bubbles. Hold the Heat Gun approximately 3 inches away and move back and forth across grip in a sweeping motion.
  7. After Grip has shrunk down onto the handle sufficiently you are finished with the Heat Gun.
  8. Trim the end of the grip with the Utility Knife.
  9. Wrap the end of the grip (closest to the blade) with electrical tape for a clean finished appearance.

Additional information

Rubber Grip Color

Red, Black