Nite-Row-Lite Set



Nite-Row-Lite Set:

In 3-Colors; red, green and white LED lights with one stern or bow post. Lights include light dispersion cones for maximum visibility and two type of attachment straps. For dusk and dawn rowers this insures best visibility and safety. The stern post is used for a single white light mounted on top or on the side. When located on the side, the white light is point to the stern for increase visibility for boats faster boats that may overtake the racing shell.  The red and green lights can be mounted on a bow post pointing out in 45 degree angle from the center line of the boat or mounted on the riggers or oars. If the boat has a wing rigger then the the light may need reversible cable ties. The green light goes on the starboard side, with the red light on the port side.

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Weight 1 lbs