Carbon Side Mounted Sweep Rigger Assembled



Carbon Side Mounted Sweep Rigger Assembled:

Dreher ultra-stiff carbon tubular riggers complete with side stay assembly, backstay assembly, oarlock, and pin.  The rigger components made to the boat. Boat shims will be included. Price provided per rigger.

The carbon “cup-shaped” oarlock holder directs the force during the drive straight down the centerline of the carbon rigger backstay of the two-stay rigger system.  There is no twist of the oarlock during the drive.

Designed for use on BBG, Janousek, and Resolute boats. Use on other boats is determined by compatibility of the Boat Attachment Piece (BAP) with the angle of the gunwale.

This option can be provided If the racing shell is brought to our shop. We can assemble the boat to your desired spread and height and mount the rigger to the boat.

Included are all the components needed including the pin, rigger pieces, sweep lock, pins, spacers, shims, and rigged to meet your height specifications.

Please give us a call at 603.659.7575 to call to discuss your project in more detail.