Slim Ellipse Sweep


See TFA adjustment video with new Nut Locking Clip in action:


This is a new generation of slim, The Dreher Slim Ellipse Sweep Oar.  These oars are available in:

  • Two levels of Stiffness: Less-Stiff (5.5 cm deflection) and Standard Stiffness (4 cm deflection).
  • Two grip types: Row-Wik over carbon and Heatshrink over Carbon
  • Two grip Colors: Red or Black
  • Oar Length / Inboard (+/- cm): 371/114, 374/114 or Call
  • Tool Free Adjustment Type (TFA):  Premium Sleeve/Collar Material (Carbon / Nylon)
  • Blade Type: Apex-E.
  • Optional: Additional Nut Locker
  • Optional: Tool Free Level for Total Length Adjustment

Since the shaft starts as a circular sculling shaft size for about the first 1/3 and transits to a slim ellipse through the remainder of the shaft and as such the blade shape selected is the popular Apex, but modified to fit on an elliptical shaft (i.e., Apex-E). The new oar has one type of tool-free adjustment materials: Made of a premium material. TFA inboard/outboard assemblies come in a black bearing surface (movable sleeve/collar) with a red adjustment nut and couple. This sleeves/collar assembly travels on a segmented screw 1 cm with for every 360 degrees rotation of the red adjustment-nut with a nut locking clip.

Because a greater percentage of high modulus carbon versus unidirectional carbon prepreg is used to achieve the same levels of stiffness as the classic larger dimension sweep oars, we get a lighter overall sweep oar (with standard stiffness shaft the weight savings under 1 pound per oar) and the superior aerodynamics of the elliptical sweep shaft and streamlined blade and blade shaft interface, this design will provide superior performance especially the faster the boat and the greater the headwind.

The Tool-Free Onboard Wrench is optional with sweep oars.

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 150 x 12 x 7 in
Shaft Stiffness (cm Deflection)

Standard (4), Less Stiff (5.5)

Handle Size (cm Dia.)

Small 3.7, Medium 4.0

Grip Type

Row-Wik (Inboard Wrap), Heatshrink


Black, Red

Oar Length, Inboard

371,114, 374,114

Tot. Length Lever Included

Yes, No, but include a wrench