Carbon Side Mounted Sculling Riggers



Carbon Side Mounted Sculling Riggers:

Sold as a pair. Included is the oarlock pins and the rigger components. The rigger components are uncut and unassembled. No boat shims are included.

If the racing shell is brought to our shop and we are provided with the rigging specification, we will quote on the labor at $75.00 per hour and the material to complete the assembly of the rigger components, mounting on the boat and any shims and sculls that are required to complete the assembly and rig that you desire. The shells that we can do are those that are presently braced for a two stay rigger or for a three stay rigger that may have sufficient reinforcement to accommodate the two stay rigger.

Boats that may be compatible are BBG, Empacher and Filippi racing 1xs, 2xs and 4xs.

Give us at call at 603.659.7575 to arrange a quote.