Tank Components to Arrive in the UK

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Tank Components to Arrive in the UK:

The Molesey Boat Club container is scheduled to arrived in late November. Installation is planned for early December. When completed the tank will be an 8-station sculling/sweep similar to those shown above.

We are very happy to be selected by Molesey Boat Club as a site of next our modular athlete powered indoor rowing and sculling tank as it is one of the top clubs in the UK. Four of its boats just won gold medals at the HOCR and many former national team members are members of Molesey Boat Club.

Prior UK Dreher Tank Projects:

  • Before Molesey, we installed and similar 8-station tank at the Tyne United Rowing Club in the Newcastle Area of UK in 2011.
  • That same year we also designed the “one off”  indoor rowing rigging components, modified sculling oars and sweep oars of different configuration to accommodate different skill levels of athletes and adjustable superstructure at the Durham University’s Graham Sport Centre, in Durham, NK within 20 kilometers from the TURC site.

Other International Tank Projects:

  • In December of 2012, we installed an 8-station sweep and sculling at Ridley College, in St. Catharines ON, Canada.
  • In July of 2013, we installed an 8-station sweep and sculling at a National Training Center, in South Korea, just before the World Rowing Championships were held there.

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    The installation team left on December 5th and will be on-site conducting the installation during the week on December 6th and upon return we will post pictures of the installation at Molesey Boat Club.

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