Two Tanks Installed in January

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Two Tanks Installed in January and Three Tank Upgrades Completed

On November 6, 2015, the St. Lawrence University Athletic Department confirmed the purchase of 16-station sweep only tank, a design first implement for Kansas State University. This will make the 5th modular tank installed in NY. The other tanks are located at West Point, a 16-station sweep and sculling tank; at Hudson River Rowing Association, an 8-station sweep and sculling tank; at Iona College, an 8-station sweep and sculling tank; and 8-station sweep and sculling at the US Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Pointe.

On January 11, 2016 the components were shipped to the job site in Canton, NY. Installation began on January 12, 2016 and completed on January 16, 2016.  See the 16-Station St. Lawrence Tank in Action.

On December 3, 2015, Maritime Rowing Club confirmed a 10-station sculling and sweep tank. This tank was installed between of January 19th and 23rd. This modular tank is the first of its size. This tank is now the 5th modular tank in CT.  See a video of the 10-station Maritime in action with all scullers.

Each tank is a different size: from a16-station, sweep and sculling tank at Connecticut College, our first ever commercial tank installation completed in 1992; an 8-station, sweep only at Suffield Academy; 6-station, sweep and sculling tank at the Kent School, and a 4-station, sweep and sculling tank at Rumsey Hall.

In addition, Connecticut College ordered an upgrade all of its seats, foot stretchers and monorails and the components were dropped off on February 12th, Brock University ordered tank rigging (seats, toot stretchers and and monorails), and shipped on February 16, while the Kent School upgraded was completed in March.


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