Stämpfli Sculling Grips


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Stämpfli Sculling Grips:

Stämpfli Grips have been used by scullers worldwide for decades and surely rank as one of the most popular choices for grips. The grips are made of natural rubber and have a knurled diamond cross-hatch pattern resulting in a texture that is easy to grip while being easy on the hands. Stämpfli has changed the color of the traditional orange grip to black.

Being made of natural rubber, Stämpfli Grips will wear over the course of a season and ultimately need to be replaced. Typically, scullers will replace their grips annually, but that can vary depending on the conditions they are used in and how they are stored.

Price per pair.

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Dimensions 6 × 1.375 × 1.375 in