Seats Complete



Athletes have been using Dreher seats on their way to win countless Olympic and World Championship medals for the past three decades. We say “countless” because we honestly lost track at this point.  While it is easy to overlook the lowly seat, we believe it is a critical component as it is one of the three touch points for athletes in the boat.  Not to mention, an uncomfortable seat can truly spoil a row and not allow one to focus on their performance.


Our focus on quality, workmanship, weight, and strength has Dreher seats the standard in the industry and as a result are used by some of the best and most successful boat builders in the World.  We are very proud of this fact as we diligently craft each seat and then meticulously inspect it.


Dreher carbon complete seats are offered in two seat top sizes and two types of seat support.  The Nylon seat supports are offered only in the lowest height and the Aluminum are available in low (1.8 cm), medium (2.4 cm) and high (3.4 cm).


All are offered in 5 track widths in addition to a custom width option.  For custom width, please call or email to order. 

Additional information

Track Width (cm)

16.5, 18, 23, 28, 30, Custom – Call

Height (cm)

Low 1.8, Medium 2.4, High 3.4

Seat Support Type

Nylon, Al

Seat Top Size

Medium, Large