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Athletes have been using Dreher seats on their way to win countless Olympic and World Championship medals for the past three decades. We say “countless” because we honestly lost track at this point.  While it is easy to overlook the lowly seat, we believe it is a critical component as it is one of the three touch points for athletes in the boat.  Not to mention, an uncomfortable seat can truly spoil a row and not allow one to focus on their performance.

Our focus on quality, workmanship, weight, and strength has Dreher seats the standard in the industry and as a result are used by some of the best and most successful boat builder’s in the World.  We are very proud of this fact as we diligently craft each seat and then meticulously inspect it.


Our Seat Tops come in two sizes:

Large: These are made to fit track widths of 23 cm to 30 cm and on some seat carriages beyond 30 cm.  Our Large seat tops are compatible with Resolute, Sykes, Stämpfli, BBG and many other brands.

Medium: These seat tops are sized to fit track widths of 16.5 cm to 23 cm and below 16.5 cm on some custom seat carriages.  The Medium seats are compatible with Composite Engineering small boats, Resolute small boats, BBG’s small boats, Fluidesign’s small boats, Hudson’s small boats, Sykes’ small boats, Stämpfli small boats as well as many other brands.

Additional information

Seat Top Size W x L x H - cm

Medium 29 x 18.5 x 2.9, Large 30.1 x 18.4 x 2.0