NK SpeedCoach GPS2



NK SpeedCoach GPS2:

Made by Nielsen-Kellerman in Pennsylvania, the Speedcoach with GPS is rowing’s most popular performance monitor.  It provides information about boat speed (splits), stoke rate, distance, and time.  The GPS unit can be used by itself in GPS mode or can be connected to an impeller (sold separately) for additional accuracy in moving water.  With the Training Pack, workouts can be programmed ahead of time with the ability to start and record pieces without letting go of the oars and can be uploaded wirelessly to a computer or mobile device.

For Athletes:

  • Real-Time Feedback:  updates on speed, rate, distance, and time.
  • High-Contrast Display: easy to use back light and high contrast display enables visibility in all conditions.

With Training Pack:

  • Custom Pre-Set Workouts:  enter pieces before practice to eliminate the need to stop to reset the timer.  Comes with five editable workouts.
  • Post-Row Analysis:  upload data to your computer or mobile device to track progress over time.
  • Bluetooth Heart Rate:  add a heart rate strap and track your training progress.
  • Free Updates:  free, regular firmware updates.
  • EmPower Oarlock: for use with EmPower oarlocks (sold separately). Oarlock data is incorporated into workout and heart rate data.

Includes: Protective Bumper, Quick-Wrap Mounting Strap and Dock, Battery Charger, Lanyard and Carry Pouch. 

Does Not Include “A” or “T” Mounting Bracket

The SpeedCoach GPS2 Model with Training Pack:

  • Works in any boat without wires – Is also compatible with impeller in any wired boat
  • Features a 25-hour rowing memory & improved data recall with interval summaries
  • Displays clock time – auto set from GPS
  • Precision 5Hz GPS module for accurate and responsive speed
  • Surge Rate technology for stroke rate
  • Has a rechargeable battery; lasts multiple sessions
  • Clearly visible day or night with the high-contrast/high resolution monochrome display with automatic LED backlight
  • Wireless firmware updates
  • Programmable workouts based on time or distance – easy to set up, save and run
  • Data recall tied to workout sessions for in-depth review of pieces
  • Heart rate (compatible with any Bluetooth Smart HR Belt)
  • Stored data can be exported wirelessly to PC via LiNK

What is LiNK?

LiNK is NK’s connected environment which greatly expands the performance improving capabilities of the SpeedCoach GPS platform. The LiNK environment will include Bluetooth Smart wireless connectivity to heart rate belts, sensors, phones, tablets, PC’s (dongle required) and Macs as well as cloud connectivity, web analytics and real-time tracking via apps. At the moment, our LiNK features include:

  • Wirelessly transfer just row and workout interval data to PC for viewing and storage.
  • Export data to charting and analysis programs, such as Excel, via CSV.
  • Export data to FIT file format to enable transfer to third-party websites, such as Endomondo, Strava and any FIT-compatible site. These sites enable you to view your row on detailed maps, share your results with friends or coaches, and even compare your results with others.

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