Scull Pin Assembly


Priced per Pin. Complete with Attachment Hardware and Height Spacers.


Scull Pin Assembly:

Machined from a solid piece of 316 stainless steel, our scull pins are 13 mm in diameter and come in two ‘below the shoulder’ lengths. The Short Pin has 3 cm below the shoulder with 2.5 cm of thread.  The Long Pin has 4.5 cm below the shoulder with 2.5 cm of thread.

Both pin assemblies come complete with attachment hardware (flat washers, hex nuts and lock nuts) and adjustment spacers (thick removable and thin). Ideal for wing riggers or 3-stay or 4-stay riggers. Cannot be used on carbon tubular riggers.

(Attachment hex nuts, lock nuts, flat washers, thick removable spacers, and thin spacers are not shown).

Pins are sold individually.  

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Pin Length

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