Dreher High Performance Sculls



Dreher High-Performance Adjustable Length Sculls: 

Built with a combination of high modulus carbon internally and twill carbon on the exterior, these adjustable length sculls are both strong and light.  The 100% carbon sculls come with multiple options including three blade shapes; two levels of shaft stiffness; three handle sizes; a few rigging selections; and several sleeve choices (including the Tool-Free Adjustment option).

Apex (Apex-X) blades have been our best-selling blade for many years. The spine at the top of the blade provides clean catches and releases. The Apex Round (Apex-RX) lollipop shape keeps the blade connected even in rough water. Big Blade (BB-X) is a traditional hatchet shape with the spine in the middle.

All Dreher shafts are 100% carbon.  The stiffness of the shaft is determined by the carbon lay-up on the mandrel, not the material. “Soft” (less stiff) has more flex at the catch for younger (and older) scullers to minimize the stress on the back and shoulders.

Handle size is the diameter measured in centimeters. Each size increases by 2 mm, but Stämpfli grips increase each size by one millimeter more.  For example, a medium handle measures 3.5 cm with Martinoli grips and 3.6 cm with Stämpfli grips.

The overall length of 288 cm or 286 cm with an inboard of 88 cm is fairly standard for most boats. Adjustable length gives you +/- 5 cm of adjustment from that base rig.  If you would like a different rig, please add the information to the ‘Order Notes’ during checkout or send us an email.

Adding the Tool-Free Adjustment option gives you the ability to change the inboard and the total shaft length on the water or on the dock in under 2 minutes without tools.

Priced per pair.




Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 106 × 9 × 3 in
Blade Type

Apex-X, Apex-RX, BB-X

Shaft Stiffness

Soft, Standard

Rig: +/- 5 cm

288/88, 286/88, Other, specify in notes section

Handle Diameter

Small 3.3 – 3.4 cm, Medium 3.5 – 3.6 cm, Large 3.7 -3.8 cm

Grip Type

Stämpfli Natural Rubber: Dark Orange, Martinoli Black, Martinoli Red, Martinoli Orange, Martinoli Blue, Martinoli Green, Martinoli Yellow, RowWik Wrap: Black, None

Sleeve/Collar Type

Carbon Sleeves with Tool-Free Adjustment, Standard SRS (Black Sleeve/Red Collar), Standard SRS (Red Sleeve/Black Collar)

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