FISA Carbon 1x: 

The FISA single is an all-carbon shell outfitted with Dreher carbon super lightweight hollow wing rigger, a Dreher carbon seat, and a Dreher carbon foot stretcher. Light in weight (31-32 lbs.), the boat is easy to carry.

The hull can carry a sculler up to 185 lbs in flat water.  The 2021 upgrade has a brand new mold with step-down for easy access to the boat. The gunnels are stronger, but the boat is light due to the reduced weight of the hollow wing.

Please call with your specifications and to request a shipping quote.

Following are the rigging packages offered for the 2023 FISA 1x:

A. Carl Douglas Hardcoated Tracks, Adjustable Height Seat, 2021 Hex Tubular Adjustable Foot Stretcher

B.  Martinoli Tracks, Dreher Carbon Seat, 2021 Hex Tube Foot Stretcher

C. Carl Douglas Hardcoated Tracks, Adjustable Height Seat, Wet Launch Foot Stretcher

D. Martinoli Tracks, Dreher Carbon Seat, Wet Launch Flat Foot Stretcher

Please supply the sculler’s: Height, Inseam Length, Weight, Desired Rigging Height (from the top of the seat hole to the mid. point of the oarlock, Shoe Size), Type of Water (Tidal Estuary or River, Flat Fresh-water river or lake, Flat water, can be choppy, can have white caps at times).

No shipping has been added: This will give you the basic boat price without shipping. Call to determine how best to ship and to receive an estimate. We require a $1,000.00 deposit via credit card or check and the remainder via check including shipping. When you call in to order the boat, we can finalize the options and provide you an estimate on the shipping and follow that up with a quote on the entire purchase including the boat and any related equipment and accessories.

“For Pricing and Rigging Options, Call:

+1 (603) 659-7575!”