F5 Foot Stretcher



F5 Foot Stretcher:

Three-way adjustable. Available with or without foot plates. Compatible with BBGs, Resolutes, Dreher Rec-Racers and FISA 1xs.

Not Included (click on hyperlinks below to purchase):

  • Attachment fittings come in two styles (circle wedges and tube ends) and two mating types (sharp tooth and large tooth). The long mating pieces must be purchased separately. You will need 3 for each foot stretcher.  See 03P33 (attachment fittings) and 03P40 (mating long pieces for attachment hardware).
  • Foot stretcher attachment hardware and options and washer types. You will need a minimum of 3 and perhaps more for spares. See 03P70.
  • Foot stretcher T-bolts. See 03P61.

In some cases the above items not included may already be present in the boat that you have if you are only replacing hardware.