Blade Geometry and Area Summary

Over the past three decades, we have continued to develop and innovate Dreher Sculling Oars in an effort to maximize performance while simultaneously creating ideal blades shape for the various scullers globally. The following charts and diagrams provide a comparison of the blade areas of the eight of the eleven sculling blades that we manufacture:


  ER or ERX    713 CM*CM          NA      NA
  EA or EAX    816 CM*CM           22.2 CM      49.5 CM
  EH or EHX    780 CM*CM           24.0 CM      51.0 CM
   787 CM*CM           22.0 CM      46.0 CM
  APEX-R or RX    740 CM*CM             NA        NA
  APEX or APEX-X    818 CM*CM          21.6 CM     43.3 CM
  BB2198 or BBX    795 CM*CM          21.6 CM     43.3 CM
  Little Big Blade (LBB)    750 CM*CM          20.1 CM     43.3 CM
  Macon 19cm (LS)    747 CM*CM          19.4 CM     45.8 CM
  Macon 18cm (Touring)    747 CM*CM          18.1 CM     48.4 CM
  Macon 17cm (Kinder)    713 CM*CM          17.0 CM     48.4 CM



Shows an End View of all but the Macon Blade Shapes (below):





















Shows a Side View: ER (Purple), EH (Yellow) and EA (Red).


CAD Apex&round_800x500_300R








Shows a Side View: Apex (Lt. Green) and Apex-R (Brown/Green).


CAD BB20&21_800X500_300R








Shows a Side View: Little Big Blade (Lt. Turquoise) and Big Blade 2198 (Dark Blue).


CAD Apex&Alpha_800x500_300R








Show a Side View:  Alpha (Yellow) and Apex (Green).