Rowing Unit for SUPs



Alden Rowing Unit for SUPs:

Convert your Stand Up Paddleboard or Windsurfing board into a sculling boat with the Alden SUP scull rig.  The unique and efficient sliding rigger system eliminates the bobbing effect experienced with a traditional sliding seat rigger on a short hull.  Board lengths of 14′ or more are recommended.

The unit comes with two attachment systems.  Straps are included for use on inflatable SUPs and for first finding the balance point of the board.  Specially designed attachment points that do not impede the normal use of your SUP or windsurfing board are also included.  These are adhered to the surface of the SUP and allow the unit to attach and detach in seconds.

The rigger glides silently on its tracks thanks to Alden’s tried and true wheels and bearings.  All parts are made in the USA.

Rowing a SUP is stable, fast, safe, and fun.  Row in all water conditions with ease.

Oars and Paddleboard not included.