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NK SpeedCoach GPS2
NK SpeedCoach GPS2

NK SpeedCoach GPS 2 Versions: Programmable Workouts Wireless Data Transfer Heart Rate Improved Data Recall and Interval Summaries — 25 hours of memory Upgradeable Firmware Compatible with LiNK – NK’s connected environment of apps, web analytics, and sensors Clock Auto … Read more

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NK StrokeCoach with Surge Rate and Bracket
NK StrokeCoach with Surge Rate and Bracket

StrokeCoach with Surge Rate and Bracket: The StrokeCoach you love, updated with 21st Century technology! The StrokeCoach with Surge Rate provides every StrokeCoach function – stroke rate, stroke count and elapsed time – with absolutely NO wiring or seat magnet required! … Read more

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NK Interval 2000 Stroke Watch
NK Interval 2000 Stroke Watch

Interval 2000 Split/Rate Watch Overview The Interval 2000 is a coveted chronometer used by coaches for its capabilities of providing accurate time logs, rates and recall features—which include a memory capacity of 2000 data segments (hence interval 2000).  These memory … Read more

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NK EmPower Lock
NK EmPower Lock

Display & Pairing

EmPower Oarlock data is displayed on a SpeedCoach GPS 2 with Training Pack. Each oarlock is wirelessly paired with its own SpeedCoach for athlete or coach viewing. Viewing distance is approximately 100’ line of sight from oarlock to SpeedCoach. At launch, the SpeedCoach will support one EmPower Oarlock, and scullers have the option of displaying raw effort-related measurements or doubling them to show total work and power. The SpeedCoach can be simultaneously paired with an NK heart rate belt to aid in developing physiologically efficient rowing.


  • Catch Angle
  • Max Force Angle
  • Finish Angle
  • Force
  • Slip
  • Power
  • Wash
  • Average Power
  • Stroke Length
  • Work per Stroke
  • Effective Length
  • Avg Work per Stroke
  • Max Force

Connectivity & Software

Wireless connectivity is via Bluetooth® Low Energy. Data download is accomplished using NK LiNK for Windows or Mac OSX and an NK USB Dongle. Selected sessions can be exported from LiNK to an Excel compatible CSV file for viewing per-stroke data. Sessions can also be exported to a .fit file containing boat performance, heart rate and power data that is compatible with 3rd party apps such as Training Peaks and Strava.


EmPower Oarlocks are available for sculling and use bushings to accommodate various pin sizes. Be sure to order according to your rowing style and boat’s pin diameter. Bushings can be replaced if the oarlock is moved to a boat with different sized pins and if they become worn.

Rowing Style Sweep Sculling
Pin Diameters 13mm(blue)
1/2″ (white)
9/16″ (black)
1/2″ (black)
7/16″ (white)
Pitch 4 degrees 4 degrees


The EmPower Oarlock is compatible with all standard style riggers. If you have a C cup style rigger, such as those on Fluidesign and some Empacher and WinTech boats, please consult the chart below for compatibility.


The EmPower Oarlock is powered by a single AA battery, easily accessed with a sealed flip-lock door on the back of the oarlock. For most cost-effective use, we recommend rechargeable NiMH batteries such as Panasonic Eneloop® and Eneloop® Pro or Maha Powerex. Rechargeable AA's can be expected to provide 8-20 hours of operation depending on capacity, and multi-packs make it easy to have fresh batteries standing ready to use. For disposable batteries, we recommend Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries, which will provide roughly double the run time of rechargeable batteries. We do NOT recommend the use of standard alkaline batteries. Particularly if they become damp when stored or installed, alkaline batteries are prone to leaking and the highly corrosive acid will destroy the EmPower Oarlock's electronics. Damage from leaking batteries is not covered under warranty. The oarlock automatically shuts down after 10 minutes without connection to a SpeedCoach.


The EmPower Oarlock is designed and built to be your everyday oarlock. It has a waterproof rating of IP67, which is defined as submersion up to 1m deep for up to 30 minutes. It also passes impact testing according to MIL-STD-810G, Transit Shock, Method 516.5, Procedure IV. This means it can withstand the typical impact you would expect to encounter when carrying a boat in and out of a boathouse. The oarlock can be operated from 32 to 131°F and 5-95% non-condensing humidity. It should be stored in a temperature range of -22 to 140°F.


Installing a brand new EmPower Oarlock typically takes about 10 minutes. We have created a short video series to walk you through the installation steps.
Step 1 – Introduction (3:01 minutes)
Step 2A – Installing on a Standard Pin (3:45 minutes)
Step 2B – Installing on a C-Cup Bracket (2:56 minutes)
Step 3 – Pairing (1:41 minutes)
Step 4 – Configuration (2:40 minutes)
Step 5 – Calibrating your Oarlock (5:03 minutes)

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Quiske System
RowP Pod Sensor and Android 7 Waterproof Cell Phone


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RowP Pod Attachment Clip
RowPod Oar Attachment Clip

An attachment clip for the RowP Pod specifically designed to integrate with Dreher sculling oars with the Tool Free Adjustment system.

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Heart Rate Belt (for SpeedCoach GPS 2 and Training Pack)
Heart Rate Belt (for SpeedCoach GPS 2 and Training Pack)

HEART RATE BELT (for SpeedCoach GPS 2 and Training Pack) Overview: Heart Rate Belt for the SpeedCoach GPS Model 2 with Training Pack. Wirelessly transmits heart rate data via Bluetooth Smart. Compatible with LiNK – NK’s connected environment of apps, web … Read more

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“A” or “T” Bracket for NK Products
“A” or “T” Bracket for NK Products

“A” or “T” Bracket for NK Products: Choose the “A” or “T” bracket to mount your NK SpeedCoach GPS 2, XLs  or other Stroke Coachs. Select “A” bracket for top mounted stern wings and “T” bracket for side mount tubular … Read more

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NK Seat Magnet
NK Seat Magnet

NK Seat Magnet: For XL SpeedCoachs, Red SpeedCoach, Gold SpeedCoach and Original StrokeCoach

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NK Impeller
NK Impeller

NK SpeedCoach Impeller: SpeedCoach Impeller with hull mount. Includes mounting tape.

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Carbon - Cup
NK EmPower Adapter Kit

On Empacher Two Stay Riggers: Scullers with a bow mounted wing or carbon two-stay rigger that wish to use NK’s new EmPower oarlock will need to upgrade the C-Cup on the rigger. Luckily, we have just the parts to help you … Read more

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