For past several years we have been selling and using Coffey SimulatOar™ in our Club as a complementary training device to our Indoor Rowing Tanks.

See the Coffey SimulatOar™ Sculling Unit being used by three-time World Champion Olivia Coffey:

The Coffey SimulatOar™ is designed to simulate the dynamic motion of the rowing stroke. The goal is to provide as much of the ‘on the water’ experience as possible while on a rowing machine.

The SimulatOar™ benefits include:

  • Training all of the muscles used in rowing for total body fitness and racing preparation.
  • Since the geometry of the SimulatOar™ is the same as your shell, adjustments on the machine allow you to personalize the ‘rig’ and match your boat to maintain and improve your rowing technique over the winter.
  • Rowing on the SimulatOar™ is enjoyable ~ the next best thing to being on the water. Only the splash is missing! It very nicely compliments our indoor rowing tank for the winter training.
  • Calvin Coffey, Olympic medalist, designed the SimulatOar™. Because of his knowledge of rowing, he was able to come up with a design that is very Intuitive to the rower.
  • It is Made In the USA to keep the price economical and the quality high.

SimulatOar™ Specifications And Accessories are as follows:

  • Length: 58″
  • Width: 63″/160 cm (sculling), 44″/112 cm (sweep)
  • Height: 25″
  • Weight: 93 lbs. (sculling), 90 lbs. (sweep)
  • Inboard: adjustable – 89 cm ± 5 cm (sculling), 115 cm ± 5 cm (sweep)
  • Load: variable with damper setting
  • Floats: For use with SimulatOar™ to provide a dynamic experience with the feel of being on the water as well. See a a club member using a newer model with “Floats” showing the unit in action with dyanamic action and the feel of being on the water:
  • Monitor: Equipped with a PM5, C2 Monitor.

  • Connectors: For use to connect two or more SimulatOar™s together. Now you can row as a double, quad, pair….

For more information on pricing, availability and features of the new SimulatOar™ or for placing an order, please call us at Durham Boat Company, Inc. 603.659.7575 or e-mail us at or at

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Note: Calvin and Maggie’s daughter won a Gold Medal stroking the Open Women’s 4x at the World Rowing Championships held in Aiguebelette, France. The success of Olivia in WRC 4x is a great testimonial, especially against the vaunted German Team and the most other federations that view the 4x as the highest achievement in rowing!

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