We work closely with architects, design engineers, on-site facilities people, and coaches to ensure a complete ready-to-row indoor rowing system.  The Dreher Indoor Rowing Tanks are turnkey installations in that we manufacture or source the components, ship them to the site, and send in a team to assemble all of the components in about a week.  We can also provide water treatment systems as well as several FRP or wooden walkway options and fascia designs.

With our design, each of the modular tank sections can fit through a standard man-door.  (Each fiberglass section is 4.5 feet long and 9 feet wide.)  Rowing Tank InstallationOur 8-station tank, for example, will have two end sections, a smoothing water section, and eight rowing center sections. Each section is then bolted together along the common 4-inch flange and sealed. The rowing unit weldment supports the monorail, seat, and powder coated stainless foot stretcher assembly and is built in 2 station sections. Load bearing rigger arms are bolted to the weldment so that a walkway can be installed over the rigger. To achieve the correct load for sweep rowing, an oar with a blade area about the same as a standard sculling oar is used. We provide two pins and locks per seat on a sculling/sweep tank and one pin and lock per seat on a sweep only tank. The load can be adjusted to achieve the proper load by adjusting the spread of the pin in the rigger arm to the most appropriate setting for a sweep or sculling and the skill level of the athletes using the tank.

We include an inner race splash shields as a standard item in tank quotes. This enhancement helps organize water flow and minimize wave action without increasing drag. This splash shield is offered in several color options: Green/black, blue/black, and tan/black.