Sculling SimulatOar


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Sculling SimulatOar™

This is designed and manufactured by Calvin Coffey, a sliver medalist at the 1976 Olympics. It is the best simulation to sculling without water when used in conjunction with the Floats (slides and springs) that allow for dynamic action. Your feet are attached quickly and securely. The handles are adjustable in length, the scull handles can be squared up and feathered. The load (catch to finish) simulates a boat astonishingly well.

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See the Coffey SimulatOar™ Sculling Unit being used by two-time World Champion and Olympian: Olivia Coffey on the Coffey SimulatOar.

The Coffey SimulatOar™ is designed to simulate the dynamic motion of the rowing stroke. The goal is to provide as much of the ‘on the water’ experience as possible while on a rowing machine.

The SimulatOar™ Benefits are:

  • It trains all of the muscles used in rowing, for total body fitness and racing preparation;
  • Since the geometry of the SimulatOar™ is the same as your shell, adjustments on the machine allow you to personalize the ‘rig’ and match your boat maintain and improve your rowing technique over the winter; and
  • Rowing on the SimulatOar™ is enjoyable ~ the next best thing to being on the water; only the splash is missing! If very nicely compliments our indoor rowing tank for the winter training.
  • Designed by Calvin Coffey, Olympic medalist, designed the SimulatOar™ because of his knowledge of rowing he was able to come up with a design that is very Intuitive to the rower.
  • It is Made In the USA to keep the price economical and the quality high.

SimulatOar™ Specifications And Accessories are as follows:

  • Length: 58″
  • Width: 63″/160 cm (sculling), 44″/112 cm (sweep)
  • Height: 25″
  • Weight: 93 lbs. (sculling), 90 lbs. (sweep)
  • Inboard: adjustable – 89 cm ± 5 cm (sculling), 115 cm ± 5 cm (sweep)
  • Load: variable with damper setting
  • Floats: For use with SimulatOar™ to provide a dynamic experience with the feel of being on the water as well.
  • Electronics: Available with a C2 PM5 monitor

See a club member using a newer model with “Floats” to achieve that on-the-water feel: Coffey Sculling SimulatOar™ On Floats In Action.


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