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Dreher Elliptical Sculls
Dreher Elliptical Sculls

For a look at Elliptical Shaft compatible blade shape versus other blades that are made for round shafts that we sell, see the Sculling Oar Blade Geometry Link.


For more information on the  “tool-free” Adjustment feature with a locking latch (see the last picture in gallery):

This “tool-free” load adjustment feature allows anyone to adjust the load anytime and anywhere without tools. The carbon segmented screw piece is permanently bonded to the scull shaft. The easily replaceable bearing surface is moved by a nut,  with 1 cm of inboard/outboard movement for every 360 degrees turn of the nut. This easy adjustment feature allows the rower to have a better feel for which rig is correct for each wind condition. A change of the rig takes no more than one to two to three minutes to complete the four adjustments required for each set of sculls and can be accomplished easily on-the-water or on the dock. Each oar has a locking latch that also helps rotate the nut the is used to change the outboard.



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EA-X Demo Oars
EHX Sculls – Demo Sculls

EHX High Modulus Sculls: EHX Sculls which have only been used for display at our showroom and regattas. They are standard stiffness with a rig of 296:88 cm. They have our Tool Free Adjustment system.  Your choice of handle size … Read more

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