Dreher carbon seats are known for quality, comfort, and performance.  As such, Dreher is the largest manufacturer and supplier of carbon rowing seat tops to OEM boat builders.  We make complete seats, seat tops, or set components for at least nine boat builders worldwide (USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, and the UK) in our factory in  Durham, NH.  Many other manufacturers purchase the time-tested wheels that we assemble in-house.  Dreher wheels are long lasting, even under the most extreme conditions.  Our wheels contain premium stainless steel bearings that are designed and made with the maximum ability to resist the corrosion of rowing in saltwater.  They will last a lot longer than the less expensive and lower quality wheels made offshore.

Dreher seats are not only used as original equipment by Durham Boat Company and other boat builders but are also a popular choice when retrofitting existing equipment.  Have you lost a seat overboard or do you have a problem with seat comfort?  Many people switch over from an in-house brand to our seat.  Because of its unique design, it has a high strength to weight ratio and is very durable.

The medium seat top design can accommodate a track width of 16.5 to 23 cm.  The large seat top design can take a track width of 23 to 30 cm. The seats are made with three sizes of aluminum seat supports (1.75 cm, 2.25 cm or 3.25 cm measured from the middle of the axle to where it attaches to the bottom of the seat).  The nylon seat supports comes only in low height (1.75 cm).  When switching from a double action seat to a single action seat, a high seat support is usually recommended.

Chassis and other chassis parts are also available for single action and the older style double action seats.

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