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Job Title: Entry Level Composites Layup Position(s)

Durham Boat Company, Inc: About Us


The Durham Boat Company, Inc. is a premium supplier of carbon prepreg parts and is seeking to hire and train a detail-oriented person to become one or more Composites Parts Layup Person: Included in the job functions are the hand lay-up of pre-impregnated carbon, roll wrapping, autoclave processing, compression molding and one or more of the following: Cutting machine operation, mold preparation, de-molding and routine maintenance of molds and mandrels used, QC operations that may be required and other duties as assigned.

Experience in one or more of the Following Areas Is Required:

  • Related food service activities (fresh pasta or pizza making),
  • Art (sculptor, jeweler, and/or pottery, ceramic artisan, woodworking),
  • Related hobby work: Enjoy working as a craftsman and like to make things with one’s hands.
  • Interested in exception HS grads or current college students interested in taking a gap year before starting college or continuing college to get valuable hands-on experience.

Skills and Accomplishments That are Desired:

  • Science, technology, engineering, math, computer, art, courses taken in HS, or college to date.
  • Honors or awards received in school, sports, or other;
  • Related composites prepreg experience;
  • Associates Degree: Composites or Engineering;
  • Portfolio
  • Experience in rowing, desired, not required.


  • Paid holidays,
  • Paid Earned Time (to be used for vacation, personal days, and illness). 


  • Compensation is commensurate with related experience and education.
  • Advancement is based on merit. 


  • Email a letter stating why you think you are qualified for the position and attach a resume with work history and is available a portfolio of related hobby work.
  • Supply letter with three references to