2019 Force Measurement Output Report
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A Force Measurement System can speed up the mastering of efficient rowing technique and synergism. This Force system consists of a portable electronic data logger with force transducers attached to the oarlock pins within the rowing tank. The data from the system can be displayed in “real-time” allowing athletes in the rowing tank to quickly improve and match their rowing stroke to other athletes. The data can be used to blend technique, select athletes that row a similar style so as to predict the success of a particular line-up and help the athlete reinforce good technique and root out bad technique. It goes way beyond even what the best rowing simulators offer as it also focuses on those issues that occur from less than optimum blade work.

A Force Measurement System is applicable for all levels, from beginners to elite level athletes. The data allows coaches and athletes to view the force curve, stroke length, slip on each end of the stroke, watts of power produced per side (sculling) or per station (sweep), strokes per minute, handle speed instantaneously. Whether an athlete is new to the sport or a seasoned veteran, the information that a Force Measurement System provides will help improve performance.

See two scullers that have not rowed much together. There are some obvious issues with their technique and synergism that show up in the displayed data and then two guys that row together in a master men’s 4x:  (Click to Display the Following Video or Refresh Your Browser then Start the Video)


For a more detailed discussion of Instantaneous FM data displays in the Tank versus on the water Force Measurement Data, which cannot be displayed in real-time see the following Essay: