Dreher Elliptical sculls draw on 25+ years of oar design and carbon manufacturing experience to produce exceptional high-performance oars.  Our Elliptical Sculls represent a major departure from previous designs by utilizing an elliptical aerodynamic shaft.  This line of Dreher products has an optimized oar shaft and blade shape to increase efficiency both through the air and water. All three designs can be purchased with the “X” construction: With twill on the outside of both shaft and blade and the high modulus carbon, lightweight carbon on the inside.

See why our Elliptical Shafts aerodynamic shafts have an elliptical profile in the region of the shaft that goes the fastest. The relative drag associated with our Elliptical Design is a fraction of that associated with our competitor’s circular design.  The effect is especially noticeable in a headwind, where the sculler can feel the oars slicing through the headwind.  The following graph demonstrates the relative drag or the various potential shaft profiles.

Elliptical Round (ER/ERX):  We are excited to introduce our third design in our line of aerodynamic sculling oars. This new sculling oar represents a convergence of our most successful design and engineering attributes. The blade design resembles our earlier Apex R design with a round blade shape and a leading-edge that is squared off. However, this blade takes the evolution a step further and smooths out the blade-shaft interface and marries this updated design into an aerodynamic elliptical shaft. The blade attaches into the aerodynamic shaft with at a seamless elliptical junction which creates a stronger bond and eliminates the risk of the blade ever losing pitch. If you have liked the Apex R or Apex RE you will find our Elliptical Round sculls maintain a similar feel with the added benefit of reduced drag on the recovery. 

The elliptical shape of the shaft reduces drag on the recovery promoting an efficient, high-tempo rowing style. The round shape of the blade helps promote a clean and release and minimizes turbulence in the water. Scullers will quickly realize a cleaner stroke profile on the drive and more efficient recovery. 

EAX Elliptical, Aerodynamic, Hatchet Shape ScullsElliptical Aerodynamic (EA/EAX):  This oar design resembles a traditional hatchet shape, but has been modified to optimize aerodynamic advantages. Our seamless blade-to-shaft transition allows for a cleaner extraction at the release creating less turbulence in the water.  If you have used traditional hatchet shaped blades in the past, you will find our Elliptical Aerodynamic sculls maintain a similar feel with the added benefit of reduced drag on the recovery. Less wind resistance on the recovery and improved stability equates to the potential for greater speed for the same effort. The more efficient the sculler and the faster the boat class, the greater the potential for speed improvement.

EHX Elliptical, HydrodynamicElliptical Hydrodynamic (EH/EHX):  Hydrodynamic theory plus prior racing blade performance models inspired the high aspect ratio design of our Elliptical Hydrodynamic sculls. The blade shape is narrowest by the blade/shaft interface and then increases in surface area and width towards the tip of the blade. By optimizing the aspect ratio of the blade design we have been able to create a blade that takes into account the various forces on the blade during the drive phase allowing for, what we believe to be, a clean and smooth stroke.

Tool-Free Adjustment Option: All of our scull designs can be equipped with our Tool-Free Adjustable sleeves/collars & handles allowing for inboard and outboard adjustment in under 10 seconds.  For every 90 degrees rotation of nut on the segmented carbon screw, the sleeve/collar assembly will move 0.25 cm either in or out. So a full turn of the adjustment nut will move the sleeve /collar and 1 cm. The Patent on this assembly was approved in February of 2017: Patent No. US9573668. 

New in July of 2018 is the Nut Locking Clamp, which is the same for our sweeps and sculls. When open, the Locking Clamp Handle allows easy rotation of the nut that pushes or pulls the sleeve-collar assembly and can lock onto the Segmented Screw every 90 degrees to prevent any movement.

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