HVS_RM_Monitor_600x600_300RHVS_Camera_600x600_300R_4587HSV_Kit_1The Hyndsight Vision Systems:The Durham Boat Company, Inc. is pleased to be a distributor of the Hyndsight product line which allows you to see exactly where you are going, pickup obstacles in your blindspot and always have a perfect line. This is a fantastic new rowing accessory! The rowing kit consists of a high definition sunlight-readable Monitor, tight angle “CRUZ” Camera, a Flush Mount to mount the camera and a Rail Mount to attach the monitor, two Antennas, a cleaning cloth, and chargers for both the camera and monitor and all items packaged in a rugged case.

We recommend that if additional attachments are needed, contact us here to make up a custom lightweight carbon tube to attach your boat gunwale or foot stretcher. (See the first pictures)


NK_XL3_XL4_600x600_300RNK Exisiting Products: GPS, Stroke Surge Stroke Coach, Speed Coach XL 3 & 4 family and Interval 2000 Split/Rate Stroke Watch (not shown).

NKSpeedCoachGPSModel2TrainingPackNK_Features_GPS2NK Products – SpeedCoach GPS II, and SpeedCoach II Training Pack (below): The SpeedCoach GPS II has improved recall now with 25 hours of memory, upgradable firmware, a clock and an auto backlight. Included in the package is the GPS unit, the protective bumper, the quick mounting strap and dock, the battery charger, lanyard and pouch. The GPS II with Training Packing has in additional programmable workout function, wireless data recall, and is compatible with the NK LiNK, the NK connected group of apps. The SpeedCoach GPS with Training Pack II Adds: A programmable workout function based on time or distance, which is easy to set up, save and run, data recall function, which is tied to workout sessions for in-depth review of pieces; Heart rate (compatible with any Bluetooth Smart HR Belt is purchase optional and stored data can be exported wirelessly to PC via LiNK for Windows. Note: Mac compatibility is in development.

08A78-PAIR08A77Navigation Lights: For use after dark; Green and red on the right/left side when facing the bow and white located on a stern post on the stern.

Maintenance & Rigging Supplies:

08A40 Boeshield T-9: Corrosion Shield and Waterproof Lubricant – Especially good for protection of metal parts used in saltwater conditions. Available in 1 oz. drip bottle.


Pitch Meters: Standard white pitch meter with adjustable bubble, with a leveling feature and and foot stretcher angle feature.  The second pitch meter shown must be used after the boat keel is leveled and adjust pins that have special M8x20 hex-head bolts used to attach the oarlock pins to the “C-Cup” of the Dreher Carbon tubular rigger. That pitch meter will allow a zero degree pitch fore, aft and laterally.

Rigging FundamentalsWrenches: Common metric wrenches. 10 mm nut driver, 13 mm box/ opened wrench, 10 mm box/ opened wrench, 8 mm box/ opened wrench.


 Thick split spacers: For scull, sweep or tank lock height adjust on 13 mm pins.

03P70AM6_Ftstr_HW_600x600_300R_7036Common Metric Fasteners: M6 Plastic wing nut, M6 316 SS Wing Nut and M6 flat washer, M6 hex nut, M6 lock nut, M6 fender washer,  M6 flat washer.

Rowing Comfort Accessories:


Dreher Seat Pad (Black only): At 1 oz. This is the lightest weight seat pad we offer. Its thickness is 1/3″ and it still is the best value for the price. This seat pad has a heat bonded fabric cover and can be cut down easily to fit any sized seat. It comes with or without double backed tape. It is offen used to build up height by purchasing several at a time. It is made from a closed cell foam to our design and made in the USA.


Sorbothane (Red and Black) seat pads: Ease the pain of long training sessions. This seat pad can be used on any size seat. Densest seat pad, with a weight of 14.7 oz. and thickess of 1/4″.



Skwoosh Seat Cushions: The Standard Skwoosh comes in at 4.2 ounces in weight and 1/2″ thick, this pad, with its gel packs offers good pressure relief with patented TekPad(R) gel. ToughTek(R) non-skid bottom secures the pad to any standard seats. These seat cushions come only in black. The Master Skwoosh with extra  gel packs comes with a thicker padding is available in red and back.

08A30NWNew Wave Calf Protectors: A pair of white/charcoal Calf Protectors to defend against ‘track bite’. Anyone who rows through the pin and has a narrow track spacing might be interested.


“Row-Wik” grip wrap has replaced the “Synthetic Suede” as a grip wrap for sculls and sweeps: This grip wrap is easy on the hands, has a little more padding than the “Synthetic Suede” had, is great in humid/rainy conditions and cleans up easily. Installation is easier then the “Synthetic Suede” so you do not have to have a lot of skill to have to wrap the scull or sweep handles well. It can be used on any brand of sweeps or sculls. The new grip wrap also has good insulating properties in cold weather and your hands will warm up quickly. The “Row-Wik” grip wrap colors available are: bright red, bright yellow, royal blue and black. See  colors available. See wrapping video for sweep handles.

02P69-Group“OverGrip” easy to install and easy on the hands, this grip wrap came be used in conjunction with any handle treatment, sweep or scull, to make your row more enjoyable and colorful. Used to customize your oar, keep them clean, wrap on school colors for races, or just to minimize blisters when changing seasons, grips, or oars. This wrap comes in: Dark Blue, light blue, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow and green. See wrapping video for sculling handles.


01P71-2Grips: The Martinoli grips are made from synthetic rubber and come in 7 colors. The Stämpfli grips are made in dark orange and from a natural rubber. Both have the same knurled finished and have the same durometer (hardness) material. Both last about the same length of time although the Stämpfli grips are more vulnerable to UV so if left out they may degrade more quickly. When the Ståmpfli’s degrade they crack and get sticky. When the Marinoli grips degrade they loosen up and wear out more quickly at the thumb end. Both grips should be thoroughly washed before using as the mold release on the surface can make them feel slippery initially.


08A71_600x600_300R08A70Company Gear – “DREHER” Short and Long Sleeve “T” Shirts: 100% pre-shrunk cotton, heavy weight, white “T” shirts with silk screened logo’s in navy blue and red (front and large logo on back) in small, medium, large and x-large.

Travel Accessories:

CTC_1x_2x_Rec_600x600_300RBurnham Travel Car Rack: Single and double sling type rack to mount on Thule, Yakima or other types of cross bar racks.


Straps: Tie-down Straps: 10′ or 12′

Slings: 1 Pair of Chesapeake Slings for singles and doubles – very popular option


Full Length Sculling Oar Bags (padded {9′ 10″} and unpadded): An excellent way to protect your sculls during travel or during storage (shown below is the unpadded). The padded oar bag is royal blue with a full length-zipper and a shoulder strap. Both bags have a divider in the blade area to further protect the blades.

Padded_Rigger_Carbon_Tubular_Riggers_600x600_300RTubular Rigger Bags:  Padded rigger bags for carbon tubular riggers.

Rowing Related Books:

Tori Murden McClure’s “A Pearl in the Storm”: How I Found My Heart in the Middle of the Ocean” (hardback book) April 7, 2009. This spellbinding story of Tori’s battle to become the first women to cross the Atlantic. Battling the elements and the loneliness the reader is totally engaged as to what will happen next? Will she make it? Is her quest worth the risk? Anyone thinking about rowing across any large body of water should read this first.

KellyBook08A20Daniel Boyne’s “KELLY – A Father, A Son, An American Quest”: (hardback book with illustrations – 242 pages; 10-1/4″ high x 9″ wide) 2008. An inspiring story of Jack Kelly, son of immigrants who grew in Philadelphia at the turn of the century who won three Olympic gold medals and went to turn his success on the water to success in business. The book is about him, his interesting family, including his brothers, daughter Princess Grace and son Jack Jr. upon whose shoulders was laid the greatest challenge of all.

Dan_Boyne_Essemtial_Sculling_BoookDaniel Boyne’s “Essential Sculling”: (paperback book – 141 pages) ’00. Perfect for an entry level sculler

08A32Daniel Boyne’s “Red Rose Crew”: A true Story of the first women’s camp eight, who went on to win a silver medal at the 1975 World Rowing Championships ’00. (paperback book – 206 pages)

08A39AMary Mazzio’s “A Hero for Daisy”: (40 min. DVD) – “A Hero for Daisy” is a story of Chris Ernst in her quest to get equal treatment under Title IX for her and her teammates at Yale. It was hailed as a “landmark” film by the NY Times and as “fantastic” by SI.

Rowing Safety Aids:

08A78Nite-Row-Lites: New rowing navigation lights with an adjustable rubber attachment strap available in red, green or white 1 LED lamps. The lights now have a silcone light dispersion attachment. These lights can be mounted on your rigger, your sweep or sculling oar shafts or handles, or on a bow/stern mount that can be purchased separately. They are equipped with a robust rubber attachment band with a greater range of attachment, a bungee lanyard and with a non-rechargeable CR123 Lithium battery. The lights are waterproof up to 100 feet and only weigh 1.2 oz.

08A06Rowing Mirrors: This lightweight mirror attaches to your eyeglasses, sunglasses or hat brim to provide added vision behind. This device is popular with single scullers who have trouble looking around or row on a river with many turns or a body of water with lots of traffic. The mirror has two adjustment points. The mirror arm rotates out, up and down from the glasses, while the mirror itself rotates around a ball joint to fine tune the correct angle.

HVS_4583_600x600_300RHydnsight Vision System: See (above) under the Electronics section.

Coffey Rowing / Sculling SimulatOars™:

SimulatOar_500x500_300R_1322Sculling SimulatOar™Has the same range of motion as in the boat and when used in conjunction with the Floats and and Connectors same the feeling as in the boat.

Paddle Board / Canoe Accessories:

Alden SUP RiggerSurf Scull: See link to store.

Row_Board_600x600_300R_109Row Board: See link to store.

Oar-Board-only-ALBUM-723x600Oar Board: See link to store.

RowWing_600x600_300R-2Row Wing: See link to store.

MAD_ADJ_2X_ENDED_KAYAK_PAD_600X600_300R_00225Double Ended Adjustable Length Kayak Paddle Quick Length Adjustment to use standing, kneeling or sitting to handle varying wind conditions. To be used with SUPs or Sailboards (in calm conditions).