A1 Design

The A1 hull is a lightweight shape available up to 80kg, 7.9 meters in length with a bias towards a deeper profile giving good rougher water capability.

Stampfli X1 Single Scull

A1 Construction

The construction of all Stämpfli composite boats (except the ST1), incorporates nomex honeycombs that are placed between pre-impregnated (prepreg) carbon and glass fibers, that are then heated under vacuum and cured at 130 ° C. The resulting bond is 6-8 times stronger than that of the “wet lay-up”.

This substantially increases the strength of the bond, along with the use of carbon fibers, makes the hull stiffer, longer-lasting and less vulnerable to damage.

A1 Photos

Rigger Options
  • Aluminium 3 stay rigger
  • Aluminium wing
  • Aluminium reverse wing
  • Carbon 2 stay
  • Carbon wing
Other Rigging Options
  • Dreher Carbon Footstretcher
  • Dreher Carbon Seat
  • Carl Douglas Aussie Rail Slides
  • Nike Omada Shoes
Optional Features
  • Nielsen-Kellerman wiring & speedcoach
  • Boat Bag
  • Rigger Bag