Every indoor rowing installation tailored to the customer. If you are interested in purchasing a Dreher Indoor Rowing Tank for your program of facility please contact us at either: tanks@durhamboat.com or call Coleen at 603-659-7575.

We have installed 2-station, 4-station, 6-station, 8-station, 10-station and 16-station tanks that are configured in boat position and can be used for sweep or sculling and 8-station and 16-station tanks configured with two lines of athletes facing in the same direction designed for sweep only rowing.  All above configurations are two-pool except the 16-station, sculling, sweep tank, which is a four pool configuration.


The following Information needed:

  1. Your name & role
  2. Your phone number
  3. Email address
  4. Location of the project (zip code if available)
  5. Number of stations desired
  6. Type of station desired:
    • Sweep only
    • Sweep and Sculling
    • Sculling only
  7. Timing of the project

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