Dreher Adjustable Carbon Foot Stretchers are designed to custom fit almost any sculling or sweep boat from a single to an eight. We offer several families of foot stretchers with multiple plate options.

In 2012, Dreher came out with a Snap-In Shoe Plate, which allowed each athlete to have their own shoes and use them for cross-training. Shoes no longer need to be firmly attached to the boat. The new system allows for several models of commercially available shoes to attach to the special shoe plate designed and manufactured by Dreher. Athletes can be easily moved from seat to seat, while keeping their shoes on. Each athlete has the desired shoe fit and the shoe plate is designed for better power transmission. See more information here.

In addition to our newest Snap-In Shoe Plate, we make a variety of foot stretchers to fit the individual athlete’s needs.The different foot stretcher frames provide every possible solution for weight, stiffness, and shoe compatibility with a full range of adjustment. Adjustable carbon foot stretchers available in various configurations are now being used as original equipment for several first tier manufacturers in North America, Europe, Great Britain and Australia. These unique lightweight foot stretcher designs are durable and strong, while providing excellent energy transfer. Most of the foot stretchers are adjustable three ways: fore and aft, up and down and angle inclination. Most models have shoe splay adjustability. Some models have different widths of shoe placement.  In addition to the 2006 shoe plate, we have been able to customize several other models of foot stretchers allowing free adjustment around a single pivot point for customers that need either toe steering or a greater range of flexibility during rowing.

Lightweight rowing shoes with quick heel releases are mounted on the height adjustable carbon footplate. The total weight of the foot stretchers (with shoes) is 2 to 2.5 pounds (weight dependent on shoe size) and without shoes is approximately one pound.


Different models:

Snap-In Shoe Plate System:
In 2012, we came out with a new concept for rowing shoe and shoe attachment.

Designed for a personalized shoe, one can elect to provide shoes separately from the boat, where anyone rowing a boat would have their own pair of shoes that can be worn to and from practice or around as their primary shoe. Instead of having one pair of shoes per seat in each boat used by multiple shifts of people per day, our new system would allow for a proper sized shoe for each athlete and thereby enhance athlete performance and promote better foot hygiene.

Snap-In Shoe Plate Usage: The plate is angled to give optimum connection during both the catch and the drive, but could be offered in a flat plate as well. The user simply places the outside of the shoe into the spring clip and pushes down with the foot. Our system provides a low cost, snap-in entry including a heel tie-down that we have offered with our foot stretchers for many years. Upon completion of the rowing workout, the mechanism provides for easy release of the shoes by squeezing the two spring clip tabs together. Note: The weight of the Shoe Plate with hardware is only: 254 grams.

The Latest Shoes Offered: There are quite a number summer models of On-Cloud shoes that we now offer with our snap in shoe mechanism: The “Cloud” (lightest weight) and the other models are available   at different price points. The On-Cloud shoes are between 5.9 to 9.5 oz. (size 7 women’s) or 7 to 11.1 oz. (size 8.5 men’s), while the K-Swiss are 10 oz. (size 6 women’s) and 13 oz. in weight (size 8.5 men’s). The On-Cloud shoes vary in stiffness, traction and cushion and are lighter in weight.

Ordering Procedure: First we must make sure that our new shoe plate is compatible with your foot stretcher. We will need information on your boat model and the hole spacing of your present foot stretcher frame. In some cases we may require you to send your existing foot stretcher to see if we can make the shoe plate work. Once we determine that the Snap-In shoe plate is compatible with your boat, then you would purchase a pair of shoes online at the manufacturer’s web site or at a discount shoe dealer. The following are the manufacturer’s websites for the options that we think most people will like: On-Cloud Shoes.

Gallery of Foot Stretcher Frames and Other Shoe Plates:


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