Shell Car Top Carriers by Burnham Boat Slings



Shell Car Top Carriers:

Made for Burnham, these classic car racks fit a variety of boats.  The CT 1X System includes the updated 8′ (1.5″x 3″) aluminum rail with new center drilled Universal Mounting hardware and cushioned cradles.  Extremely easy attachment to your car, van, or truck regardless of the size or type of cross racks.  You can carry your single fully rigged on the CT 1X System.

Available in several options:

  • Racing Single car top carrier with narrow slings.
  • Recreational Single car top carrier with wide slings.
  • Double/pair car top carrier with slings and an extender piece to support the longer boat.

Additional information

Car Top Carrier Type

Single, Rec 1x, 2x/2-