NK Interval 2000 Stroke Watch


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Interval 2000 Split/Rate Watch Overview

The Interval 2000 is a coveted chronometer used by coaches for its capabilities of providing accurate time logs, rates and recall features—which include a memory capacity of 2000 data segments (hence interval 2000).  These memory capabilities allow for on-the-fly recall and computer upload capabilities (sold separately) to review results.  It is a product designed to be reliable for all conditions and is covered under a two year warranty.

Store 2000 splits and/or rates in memory:

  • Stores and recalls lap times AND cumulative splits.
  • Stroke rates are stored in memory with the time taken.
  • Segmented memory allows one to store multiple races or workouts for later recall (along with the time and date they were stored).

Save multiple races, pieces or workouts:

  • Simply press the “next segment” button to store data from another race or piece in memory (store up to 2,000 segments).
  • Stored segments are identified by date and time started when recalled.

Rate options:

  • Count 1, 2 or 3 strokes, strides or cycles.
  • View strokes per minute (1/2 stroke resolution) OR seconds per stroke (1/100th second resolutions).

Upload memory data to your computer with the Interval Interface and WatchWare for Windows

  • Docking cradle plugs into serial (com) port. Watch drops onto cradle and communicates optically. Data upload is controlled by data transfer software.
  • Control upload, store data, sort data and review data. Maintain athlete roster and assign split times and rate to individual athletes.
  • Calculate splits for multiple athletes or crews timed in one set or race.
  • Automatically calculate distance per stroke and speed based on pool length or other known distance.

Includes: Protective Bumper, 2 CR2032 Batteries and Neck Lanyard.


  • Automatic Backlight
  • Clock & Calendar
  • Data Upload (With Optional Interface)

Who’s Using the Interval 2000 Split/Rate Watch

  • Coaches & Athletic Trainers
  • Outdoor Sports