Hyndsight Vision System with Two Cameras

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Hyndsight Vision System for Steering With Two Cameras: (two tight angle Cruz, one Cruz,two wide-angle Journey Cameras or one of each Camera.

The Cruz is designed specifically for rowing applications and may only want one Cruz Camera. This is the best option in a narrow body of water. It will show what is in your blind spot.

Some may like to have a second camera trained one blade-work. Others may want a wide view camera like the Journey in a head racing situation to see several boats ahead.

Both the camera and monitor are buoyant. Don’t worry about your Cruz getting splashed because it is water-resistant, and it can withstand short term submersion up to 2 feet for 15 minutes. All items fit neatly in a rugged carrying case. Best of all, Cruz was approved for use in competition by the USRowing Referee Committee!

Whether you row recreationally or competitively, Hyndsight’s Cruz camera and monitor system can make you a better rower by providing clear visualization for a 1,760-foot line of sight. See what’s behind you. Prevent collisions. Turn around less. Perfect your line to cut seconds off of your time at your next regatta.

Featuring a tight angle camera that mimics real-life depth perception, the Cruz rowing camera allows you to properly judge the distance from your bow to what’s in front of you more accurately and spot obstacles in your boat’s path. The Cruz fits on any boat from a single to an eight with no wires or installation. Mounts in seconds so you are ready to go!

The Cruz wireless camera system is water-resistant, buoyant, and submersible, just in case you flip. Best of all, this rowing camera is approved for use in competition by the USRowing Referee Committee! Stay safe on the water with improved visibility with a Hyndsight Cruz.

These fully wire-free and totally portable systems include a monitor, camera, pair of antennas, two chargers, lens cloth, and carrying case. Also included are two mounts (one for the camera and one for the monitor).

Please give us a call at 603.659.7575 for any questions and to determine which system works best for your boat. A teether is included at no additional charge.

This is a perfect gift for any occasion!

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Two Cruz Tight Angle 23º Journey wider angle Cameras, Two Wide Angle Journey Cameras, One Cruz and One Journey Cameras